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Public speaking is a valuable skill, and in recent times, increasing emphasis has been placed on this. Perhaps, by means of a Singapore public speaking course, every person should put in the effort necessary to hone his public speaking skills. There are a number of reasons why this is so.

First, public speaking challenges one to deliver his content eloquently and persuasively. Similarly, these are skills that prove immensely useful in the working world, as well as any interaction one has with another human being. Whether it be delivering a presentation, negotiating for a raise, convincing customers to make a purchase, these are integral aspects of a corporate (or otherwise) job and translate directly to job performance and remuneration.

Second, public speaking forces a person to clearly organise his or her thoughts. If one’s thoughts are in a mess, it will immediately show through during public speaking, manifesting as disorganised and unconvincing argument. Improving at public speaking improves structure and clarity of thought.

Third, to become successful at public speaking is to demolish one of the most common fears that people possess. It places yourself above the rest of the competition. Successful public speaking is no mean feat and carries with it a significant sense of prestige and accomplishment.


We at GP English Master can confer upon you exactly these benefits with our Singapore public speaking course. Our Singapore public speaking course constitutes one of the most effective courses in improving your public speaking skills, for several reasons.

First, our public speaking course is conducted by seasoned professionals. Our main tutor has had significant experience as a speaker in a number of prestigious institutions worldwide. The positive reviews he has garnered stand testament to the quality of his talks, indeed in itself a form of public speaking.

Second, our public speaking course is specifically tailored to your particular age group. This renders our course accessible and useful to you no matter your age and where you are in your journey through life. The effect of this is that you will received a custom tailored course within the subject matter, and you may even find it useful to rejoin our Singapore public speaking course multiple other times at a later stage in life.

Third, our public speaking course is detailed and comprehensive. Not only will we delve into public speaking, we will also train you in the arts of, inter alia, persuasion, debate, rebuttal and maintaining calm under pressure.

Fourth, our public speaking course does the real thing. We put our students through repeated real oral practice sessions to ensure that their skill does actually improve. Rather than a theoretical approach, we focus on the practical reality of a student’s real-world speaking ability, and conduct the course on the basis of that.

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