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Why Choose Us?

A Qualified And Established Main Tutor

QUALIFIED and ESTABLISHED main tutor who has taught at both established local universities, acclaimed tuition centres and as a private tutor. A dedicated tutor since 2006, Robin has helped over 90% of his students improved their results by a minimum of 2 grades and has helped 76% of his students achieved distinctions.

Customized Rates/Sessions After An Initial Consultation

CUSTOMISED RATES/SESSIONS after AN INITIAL CONSULTATION. Unlike most academic centres where students just join a class and are compelled to follow the pacing and syllabus set by the tutor regardless of each individual student’s aptitude and knowledge, we provide a customised programme tailored for each student that will help him/her overcome his/her existing weaknesses and follow the most effective path to acing the subject. Unlike tutors and centres who are known to charge a fixed (often exorbitant) rate, we charge a fair rate upon taking into account how much help the student actually needs. Therefore, nobody would need to pay for additional help for sessions which they don’t require.

Comprehensive And Effective Crash Courses

COMPREHENSIVE and effective CRASH COURSES for students who may have joined mid-course. It doesn’t matter when you join our sessions (of course it would be strongly recommended that you join us from the start for maximum benefit), these specially tailored crash-courses would help ANY student catch up swiftly. 

Regular And Detailed Progress Reports

Regular and detailed PROGRESS REPORTS will be given to all students enrolled in any course. This report serves to notify each student of his/her existing strengths/weaknesses and will set specific goals/objectives for the student to achieve by the next report. In addition, mistakes and achievements made by the other students in the course would also be collated and included in the reports (anonymously) so that the students can learn from each other. For Students Who May Not Require A Full Course, Unlimited Consultations Through WhatsApp/Emails

We Don’t Give Notes For The Sake Of Giving Notes

WE DON’T JUST GIVE NOTES FOR THE SAKE OF GIVING NOTES. Unlike centres where students get a huge pile of notes each session (consisting mainly of news articles), we do not believe in doing so. We believe that doing so would be PENALISING the students as most students would not possess the time to read and spot the key issues embedded in the notes with their busy schedules. This would also mean the students are actually doing the job of the tutors. We would prefer to do the job of spotting the salient points/arguments for each relevant article published in the week, condensed them into succinct handouts for students and sort them into the specific Source Bank for each topic.

Unlimited Consultations Through Various Platforms

UNLIMITED CONSULTATIONS through Whatsapp messages/SMSes/Emails. It doesn’t matter if you have questions or doubts after the short duration of each class/session as you can reach us anytime through these devices. Main tutor Robin has been known to answer students’ queries promptly and comprehensively.

Benefits Of Being In The Alumni Club

Benefits of being in the ALUMNI CLUBEVERY STUDENT who has signed up for our programmes at GPEnglishMaster will be enrolled in the Alumni Club. It’s certainly not goodbye when you complete our courses because as members of the Alumni Club, we will continue to provide you with the help you require for your future academic/professional pursuits. If you wish to take the SAT (or other Tests) and write an application letter, we will offer you discounts for our preparatory sessions. Main tutor Robin will also be most willing to write reference letters, offer free consultations on university choices and tips on interview skills needed for applications to both local and overseas universities. If you are looking for the relevant internships or job opportunities, we will also be keen to help you for free by linking you with our existing contacts.