What is SAT?

As to why students go for SAT courses in Singapore, the reason is that the SAT has always been very important for students seeking to enrol in universities overseas, namely in the United States. However, it can be difficult to score well in the SAT for several reasons, rendering SAT courses in Singapore highly necessary.

First, anyone taking the SAT faces tough competition. The SAT is a standardised test, graded and tested the same way for every student. Furthermore, the SAT is also a relatively accessible test that almost anyone may choose to take. This exposes each candidate to a large number of competitors, and it must be that each candidate has to outdo the majority of the competition in order to stand a good chance at admission to a university overseas.

Second, the utility of SAT courses in Singapore lies in the fact that schools do not adequately prepare their students for the SAT, contributing to the rise of a multitude of SAT prep schools in Singapore. Schools provide tuition tailored towards more conventional examinations such as the A levels, and students are left to prepare for the SAT outside of the school curriculum.

Third, much of the competition is also rigorously preparing for the SAT, gaining a significant advantage by taking SAT courses in Singapore, seeking advice from seniors who have taken, and more. This renders it more difficult to score a decent or even average grade in the SAT test.

How GP English Master can help with your SAT

We at GP English Master offer SAT courses in Singapore tailored towards helping you through the above problems, allowing you a far greater chance of obtaining an excellent grade for the SAT test. Our SAT courses in Singapore do this in three ways.

First, the SAT courses in Singapore that we offer are geared towards getting you up to speed on the SAT content fast. With the help of our tutors, progress can be made far quicker than would be the case if a student does his revision alone.

Second, the SAT courses in Singapore that we offer are comprehensive as to every aspect of the SAT test. With parts of our SAT course in Singapore dedicated towards the reading test, the writing/language test as well as the essay.

Third, the SAT courses in Singapore that we offer are conducted by highly competent and qualified tutors with extensive experience within the field of academia. For instance, our main tutor has had significant amounts of experience as an academic in numerous prestigious institutions worldwide.

Should you be interested in attending one of our SAT courses in Singapore, do feel free to contact us at maximalist16@gmail.com, or an alternative would b to Whatsapp/SMS us at +65 9640 2876.

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