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The International Baccalaureate (“IB”) ranks among the top as one of the most prestigious paths towards obtaining a slot in highly-ranked universities worldwide. It is no wonder that many students see great benefits in going for the IB. First, universities recognise and respect a high-scoring IB student, and are more than willing to welcome such a student into their faculties.

Second, the IB encourages critical thinking by incorporating several challenging components such as Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay, serving to broaden students’ horizons and grant them a more insightful perspective regarding the world at large.

Third, the IB is structured to provide benefits even beyond academia. With some emphasis placed not only on writing but oral presentation as well, the IB forges students into well-rounded communicators capable of functioning in the workplace and beyond.

However, notwithstanding the appealing benefits therein, students often run into challenges throughout the IB courses. First, the numerous oral presentations therein, owing to their unconventionality, are perhaps less easy to prepare for than an ordinarily written examination that typically, for some subjects, require mere regurgitation of content.

Second, the focus on critical thought lends a general level of rigour and difficulty to the programme that students may be as of yet unaccustomed to. Third, the less concrete nature of certain components, such as Theory of Knowledge, can result in some subjectivity and uncertainty regarding students’ answers as compared to what is expected by course convenors out of them.

An easy solution to the above is taking IB tuition in Singapore. Our IB tuition in Singapore solves the above in several ways. First, in conducting IB tuition in Singapore, our tutors draw on their wealth of knowledge from teaching a multitude of past-year IB students. Safe to say that he is equipped to impart to students exactly what they need to do to attain a good grade in the IB.

Second, in conducting IB tuition in Singapore, our tutors offer massively comprehensive services to students, including not only in-class practices and teaching but unlimited post-class consultations as well.

Third, the vast number of students who have seen improvements in their grades under our IB tuition in Singapore is a testament to the quality of our teaching.

Fourth, in conducting IB tuition in Singapore, we tailor specific parts of our programme to specific parts of the IB. This includes research techniques, oral presentation skills, course summaries and more.

Fifth, for our IB tuition in Singapore, we utilise the expertise of only the most qualified tutors, and chances are high that you will be taught by someone experienced not only in IB tuition, but teaching in universities, lecturing a large audience, and more.

Should you be in need of IB tuition in Singapore, we welcome new students to contact us at leisuremaximalist@gmail.com or +65 9640 2876.

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