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At GP English Master, we endeavor to provide the best GP tuition in Singapore. As we have seen from our personal teaching experience as well as feedback from our students, there are a large number of misconceptions surrounding this subject. These are exactly the misconceptions that are pulling down students’ GP grades in general. Our GP tuition in Singapore focuses on eliminating these misconceptions, in an effort to bring out the full writing potential from within each of our students. Of these, one is particularly striking. GP, or General Paper, is a subject that many students feel cannot be “taught” – it often seems as if the best GP students are those born with an innate mastery of the English language. A closely related misconception is that the review and grading of GP answer scripts are highly subjective and that a student’s GP performance merely boils down to a case of luck. Unlike Mathematics or Physics, there may not be a single correct answer that the examiner is looking out for in each question, contributing to the impression of unpredictability, uncertainty, and all too often, a lack of confidence on the student’s part.

However, as we have seen from the large number of students that have passed through our GP tuition in Singapore, these cannot be any further from the truth. Indeed, possessing a defeatist mentality of this sort will do a student no favours. It is more than possible to ace the subject of GP through dedicated practice and incremental improvement. Just like any other, more routine form of skill, writing a competent GP answer is a skill that can be augmented with the right principles put to practice. Likewise, there are certain core traits that stand out in every good GP answer, regardless of topic, which will be elaborated upon in great detail within our GP tuition classes in Singapore. Throughout our process of providing such GP tuition in Singapore, we debunk such myths, decloak the mystery surrounding the subject of GP, and prove to students that it is, indeed, possible to improve one’s GP grade beyond that which one is used to obtaining.

Should you feel that you could do with some assistance regarding GP, look no further as we have established ourselves to be one of the most successful players in this field, and boast a range of useful and valuable techniques to distinguish your writing from the rest of the competition. Beyond our meticulous in-class efforts, we also strive to provide comprehensive after-class support, by allowing any student of our GP tuition in Singapore to message us at any time for any GP-related question they may have. Combining the strengths of these two approaches, we are confident that we give students of our GP tuition in Singapore the maximum chance of acing the subject. Contact us at leisuremaximalist@gmail.com or +65 9640 2876 today!

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