Business law tuition Singapore

University/ Polytechnic Tuition

Students can sign up for tertiary level tuition to make the learning of complex subjects simpler. Wondering if you can find help such as business law tuition Singapore? Or hoping to brush up your tertiary level research skills? At GPEnglishMaster, we also provide ONE-TO-ONE SPECIALISED coaching sessions for polytechnic and university students in a range of subjects/modules. There will be weekly reviews of each chapter/ topic, full analysis of specific case studies and summary of main themes and issues in the module.

Additional help will be provided for presentations, term essays and term projects. The specialised tutor will help in researching for additional resources, checking the research methodology of each student, reviewing and editing the essay/ project and offering suggested improvements.

The MODULES / SUBJECTS WE SPECIALISED IN currently include: all topics in Law, Management/ Marketing, Communication Studies, Hospitality, Research Methodology and the Social Sciences.