project work tuition

Project Work (PW)

* This programme will be given free to year 1 GP students but non-GP students can also request for PW customised help from us.


  • Initial consultation before the selection of questions with the pros and cons of attempting each question mapped out for students.
  • UNLIMITED HELP and advice will be rendered to students in order to ensure that their proposals will not only be accepted but will be reviewed favourably.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES will be provided by tutor who has access to the libraries of all 3 local universities.
  • Analysis and EXTRA INPUT on the proposal will be given by tutor until it is deemed competent.
  • Tutor will rely on EXISTING CONTACTS with relevant industry practitioners to fine-tune each specific topic and potentially add additional ideas and suggestions.
  • Each project will be cross-referenced with similar projects which have already been attempted or published. This is done to ensure that students will not replicate similar ideas and lose points on the originality of the project.
  • Guidance on written reports will include fact checking, grammar checking, sentence structuring checking and impact checking.
  • Guidance for oral presentations will include multiple practice sessions for students. Tutor will check on the students’ diction, tonality, pacing, emphasis and the use of effective body language to convey their ideas.