General Paper (GP)

* Year 1 students enrolled in our GP classes will be given free PROJECT WORK (PW) support/training automatically

What will be included in the GP TUITION package?

  • TOPICAL MODEL ESSAYS and answering techniques for a range of topics (up to 40 KEY TOPICS)
  • Essay writing methods to be taught through a series of mini TRIAL EXERCISES in class across a range of topics
  • DEOSS (Definition-Existing situation-Opposing arguments-Supporting arguments-Stand) technique to write an effective introduction.
  • Mastering the Body of the essay: crafting clear topic sentences, structuring opposing arguments and effective rebuttals of these arguments. Students will also be taught to make arguments based on historical relevance of the examples, majority/ minority interpretation of examples, supporting arguments with international examples, strengthening supporting arguments with relevant examples.
  • Summary of the essay: listing and sieving out key arguments, what to avoid- introducing new ideas, preaching, making motherhood statements, muddying the stand.
  • Students will be given SUMMARY NOTES to aid in classroom discussions and debates. Issues and themes discussed for each topic will be sorted to link them to probable questions.
  • WEEKLY SUMMARY of key news events by tutor will be distributed at the start of each class. Each news event will be sorted into the relevant Source Bank for each topic.
  • Additional in-depth research by main tutor, Dr. Robin Chee, for each relevant topic.
  • COMPREHENSION: techniques taught will include advanced level thematic analysis, phrasing lead-in anticipation, phrasing coding/ grouping, vocabulary training and paraphrasing mini crash courses. Summary techniques will also include identifying key arguments, checking for repetition, mid-analysis word gauge and thematic coding.
  • FREE EXTRA SESSIONS for vocabulary training and effective way of paraphrasing will be given if necessary.
  • Tutor will DESIGN OWN PASSAGES to allow students to practice specifically on questions involving inverted commas, italics, brackets and paradoxes.
  • There will also be targeted help for students weak in APPLICATION QUESTIONS (AQ). Most students are weak because they are unfamiliar with local issues/ news. A range of local-specific issues will be discussed and debated in class so that students will be able to handle AQ questions from any possible topic. Students will learn how to identify the relevant arguments made by the author or authors (in the case when students are given 2 passages) and they will be taught the 5 step answering model for AQ.