Why you should join our SAT Courses at GPEnglishMaster

The importance of acing the SAT

The SAT is an important college admission test that is widely recognised by many prestigious colleges. These comprise colleges that are present within the United States. Given that the SAT is taken by an extremely large amount of people, there is fierce competition when it comes to determining whether one has aced the SAT. Certainly, it is necessary to outdo a significant portion of the competition before one will stand a good chance at gaining admission to top-ranking colleges in the United States. This is doubly pertinent for those who, for some reason, prefer colleges in the United States over colleges elsewhere.

The content of the SAT

The SAT is rigorous, comprehensive and designed to test students on a broad array of skills. The SAT comprises a number of different tests that each assess capability in a wide range of various fields of expertise. The structure of the SAT will now be laid out as follows. There are four sections, assessing Reading, Writing and Language, Math (without calculator), and Math (with calculator). There is an optional fifth section comprising an essay.

Capabilities necessary to ace the SAT

The areas of expertise tested within the SAT fall under two broad categories – language and mathematics. At GPEngishMaster, our sat courses exist to improve our students’ language capability. As to language, the relevant sections of the test are the first (Reading), second (Writing and Language) and fifth (Essay) components.

Training to improve your capabilities for the SAT

While every one of us has some level of natural competence in the language, it is rare that one finds themselves naturally eloquent and possessing the mastery of the English language. Often, to outdo the competition necessitates some level of deliberate training and practice. At GPEnglishMaster, we help our students do exactly that, by giving them tutoring sessions, allowing students the opportunity to practice, and giving feedback on their performance.

The content present in our SAT courses

Our sat courses offer specialised training on the three relevant sections of the SAT that we are well-equipped to tutor in. For the Reading section, we teach thematic analysis, identifying dominant arguments as well as pattern recognition. For the Writing and Language section, we teach identification of proper sentence structure, basic grammar, removing redundancies in language, reading comprehension, text completion, and solving of sentence equivalence questions. For the Essay section, we teach our students to write an essay that is well-formatted, engaging and comprehensive.

Who are our SAT courses for?

We warmly extend our offer to students who have just finished their pre-university education and are contemplating the next step in their education. Furthermore, our courses are also suitable for anyone wishing to sit for the SAT for whatever other reason.

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