Enhance your Presentability and Confidence with our Public Speaking Courses

Why do YOU need a Public Speaking Course?

Did you know that fear of public speaking ranks as among the most commonly held fears within the human population? Indeed, despite the widespread prevalence of this fear, we have just the right solution for you brave souls willing to take up this challenge! Obtaining the ability to speak publicly with confidence would demonstrate a clear victory over stagnation and mediocrity, pushing your limits and capabilities to levels you had never previously thought possible. Attending a public speaking course in Singapore may seem a massively daunting task, but rest assured that it is well within the ability of every individual to acquire this ability – permanently and irrevocably.

What happens within our Singapore Public Speaking Course?

Our course is geared towards maximising the oratorical capability of our students. No matter your starting level of skill or your quantity of prior experience, our course has a massive chance of bringing your speaking ability to unprecedented heights. Practice sessions are specifically tailored to your age group and level of capability. Since our instructors have had the same experience with learning the ropes and progressing from a beginner at public speaking and ultimately achieving oratorical mastery. Given this, we are more than prepared to significantly raise the speaking ability of any student.

The specifics and intricacies of our Singapore Public Speaking Course

As to what goes on within our courses, we introduce to our students the fundamental principles of good public speaking and give them a number of topics to practice their skills on. Not only will students be given feedback on their style, poise, and eloquence, we will also give them a run-down on how to deliver substantive arguments backed by persuasive and sound logic.

Advanced aspects of our Singapore Public Speaking Course

The scope of the lesson does not merely stop there. Should you wish to improve your debate or argumentative capability, we also offer specific training as to more intricate or advanced aspects of speaking. This includes rebuttals to opposing argument, reframing the thrust of the opponent’s argument, handling aggressive questioning from judges and more.

General notes on our Singapore Public Speaking Course

We warmly encourage anyone interested in improving their public speaking to take on this offer. Our experienced tutors are well-equipped to identifying key areas of improvement as to your speaking ability, and telling you exactly how to best improve on them. Such a level of feedback and guidance is unparalleled and the results far exceed what one can achieve by practicing one’s speech on one’s own. Furthermore, the experience should prove to be an encouraging one, a sentiment shared by many of our former students. The feeling of knowing that you have made A substantial improvement is one worth having.

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