Acing Project Work

Project Work is a difficult subject because it is unlike any other examinable subject that a student has been exposed to thus far. More than that, the vast majority of the other subjects do not require group work, only relying on the individual’s capability. Project Work is the opposite, as the workload is such that an individual cannot perform the requisite tasks alone without the help of his group members. As Project Work is such an unorthodox subject, it is unsurprising that many students feel uncertain about it. Should you feel like you could use some help with acing Project Work, our Project Work tuition is likely to serve you well.


Our Project Work tuition is given free to Year 1 GP students. However, non-GP students may still request for Project Work customised help from us. As with all our other programmes, we at GP English Master offer a free, no-obligation consultation service for our prospective students. By visiting us at, you may request for free notes or ask any question on any assignment or project you may have, as long as the question is relevant to any of the courses we offer. We will provide you with all the help that you need, be it a solution, advice, suggested answer, editing help or notes. In doing so, we wish to show that we go the extra mile for our students, as well as prove our mastery in English and the English-related subjects to you.


As to our Project Work tuition specifically, we offer our students help at every stage of the Project Work journey. Before students select their Project Work question, we will conduct initial consultations with our students to analyse the pros and cons of selecting either question. Next, we realise that nearly all tuition services on the market, Project Work-related or not, will offer students help by teaching students how to write well, etc. However, we aim to put ourselves above the competition by offering unlimited help to our students – as much as they require to ensure that their proposals are viewed favourably by their instructors. Next, our tutor has access to a broad swathe of knowledge and resources, including the libraries of all three local universities. This increased access to academia-related resources will grant you an edge over your peers. Furthermore, we will give you consistent and repeated feedback until your proposal reaches a competent standard. With our Project work tuition, you have no need to fear getting a weak grade in Project Work. Our Project Work tuition also offers guidance on report-writing, and we will review your report to ensure it is up to par. Lastly, we give students the opportunity to practise multiple times for their oral presentation, and provide them appropriate feedback as needed.


In sum, our Project Work tuition offers a complete package for you to ace this subject. Should you be interested, feel free to email us at or SMS/call us at +65 9640 2876.


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