Acing O Level English


The O Level English syllabus proves to be one of the hardest subjects to study for. Unlike Mathematics and the sciences, the range of topics possibly tested in the O Level English syllabus is boundless. While one can adequately cover every single topic and nearly every single answering technique tested in the Mathematics or Science syllabi, this is impossible for English. English tests not specific concepts, but rather, general language application and mastery. It is no surprise that the preparation method necessary varies widely, and that students often lack knowledge as to how best to prepare for the examination.


Should you be an O Level student stumped as to how to ace O Level English, our O Level English tuition can help. Firstly, should you be hesitant as to whether our O Level English tuition is suitable for you, we offer a free service to our potential clients. You may approach us at and we will provide you free notes, advice and answers as to any question, assignment or project-related query that you may have. We accept any question and any request that relates to English. In providing this no-obligation service, we aim to show our potential customers that we are sincere in wishing to help our clients, and demonstrate how our O Level English tuition may be of benefit to you.


Should you wish for even more assistance, our O Level English tuition comprises a complete package of teaching, tests, grading, feedback and notes. More than that, our O Level English tuition aims to distinguish itself from the competition by offering unlimited consultations through Whatsapp messages, SMS, and email. We want you to feel certain that you are receiving the most comprehensive O Level English tuition service possible, and know that help is at hand whenever you need it. We offer free consultations to prospective students, and thereafter, we will offer you customised rates and sessions should you be interested. For students joining our classes mid-course, we offer crash-courses to get them up to speed. We offer progress reports for our students to track their mastery of English over time.


In our O Level English tuition specifically, we cover the following sections: editing, situational writing, continuous writing, techniques for Paper 2, and the oral examination. Many students have the notion that a mastery of the English language is innate and cannot be taught. From our considerable expertise over many years, as well as the multitude of students that we have helped ace their O Level English examination, we know that to be false. Should you be ready to boost your O Level English capabilities, feel free to sign up for our O Level English tuition by emailing us at or SMS/calling us at +65 9640 2876.




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