4 Ways a Professional Editor Can Help YOU Improve Your Paper!

Have an essay topic which you know nothing about? With a deadline of less than 48 hours?! Fret not! As our team of professional editors can help you with your papers. Here are the top 5 ways we can help:

Thorough Proof reading services

Maybe you have done your essay but not ready for submission yet as it has not been checked, and time is running out! Do not worry, as our professional editors can proofread your essays and point out mistakes, relevancy, grammar, spelling, punctuations, and more. Together with your assignment topic and marking rubrics (if you have one), we can polish your essay before your hand it in. Think of it as us marking your paper before the actual submission!

We will be able to see the bigger picture of what you are trying to say through your essay, report, document, or presentation, and what the assignment is asking for. Out of point? We will tell you. Doing an excellent job, we will tell you too!

But… What about Microsoft Word Spell Check and Auto Correct?

You might be wondering why choose us instead of using the standard Microsoft Word checker. Here’s why: Though MS Word can help you correct English to a certain extent such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation, it might remove certain context.

The auto-correct might even replace words with the wrong ones! Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though. Will MS Word be able to know what your context is? Well, we would! On top of grammar, spelling, and punctuation, we check the facts of your paper, and also suggests or improve word choice, so that your reader would know exactly what you mean.

Top-Notch Editing

Of course, on top of proof reading services, we can edit your essay directly. We have a team of editors with prior experience as sub-editors of academic journals and who have done editing work at academic institutions and corporate enterprises.

We polish and refine your paper, direct the focus of attention along a relevant context. We remove what should not be there, what does not fit, and what is nonessential and irrelevant to your paper. We enhance key points, and draw attention to what your reader should focus on.

Time is of the Essence

It’s the weekends. You have an essay due tomorrow. Your teachers/lecturers/tutors are busy. Your friends are also busy working on the paper. At GPEnglishMaster, we promise one of the fastest, if not the fastest turnaround time in the industry and would not stop until you are completely satisfied.

With our qualified team of editors, we can respond depending on when you need it. As such, your guaranteed high-quality paper will be delivered within your timeframe, which means you can submit the paper on time and get the best results out of it!

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